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Ms Tan
13/02/2014 14:47:24
Re: Staff Termination

Hi Mr Siew,

Please kindly advise on how to terminate an employee due to his health problem and how is the process, procedure and termination compensation.

An employee joined as Store Keeper in Mid 2010. His main duties are including of loading, unloading containers, arranging, picking and packing in warehouse. He seek treatment from Orthopedic Department, Serdang Hospital since July'13 and the Medical Officer issued notice to our company to let him handle light duty.

Since July'13 until now, his work attendance was shown teribbly even light duty has been assigned to him. Therefore, my boss wish to terminate his service with right compensation.

Pls kindly reply and thank you.
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KL Siew
13/02/2014 16:26:14
First, I think you better consult SOCSO about his condition and whether he is entitled to claim SOCSO or whether he can claim invalidity pension or not if he cannot work anymore.

Second, as for termination and layoff benefits, it is 15 days salary for every year of service.
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14/02/2014 13:53:18
Hi Mr Siew,

Please kindly advise on do the company can request the staff work 1-2 weeks per month due to economic downturn and no order wholly?

Thanks in advance
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KL Siew
17/02/2014 15:18:00
The company better discuss the problem with the staff see whether they think about that. If they are not happy about the arrangement, they may complain.
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