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30/12/2013 15:16:01
Re: Unpaid Leave

I took 6 days unpaid leave early of this year. During the year, I have twice increment, one in JUN and another in DEC. so in total my increment is about 30% from my salay starting of the year. My question is, my HR calculated my unpaid leave according to my final salary of the year which is 30% higher than my previous salary, does it againts any labour law regulation? I feel it is unfair for me because i took the unpaid leave when my salary is lower than now.
Please advice, TQ
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KL Siew
31/12/2013 08:41:15
As I have all the time saying that unpaid leave is not a right of the employees. If they want to take no pay leave, it is up to the employer to set the conditions. The only way out is for the employees to avoid taking so many unpaid leave. However, one thing I am not so sure, why the deduction did not occur during the month in which the no pay leave was taken. That might be their policy, I don't know. Anyway, if you are still not happy about it, bring the matter up with the Labour Department and let them look into it.
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