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confused 2
09/07/2021 17:04:25
Re: Employer change terms of employment, Adding terms in employment contract

My current employer suddenly ask all the employee to sign a sheet of paper that requires all employees to comply with a new anti bribery policy in the company. If found guilty will be immediate termination. Secondly there is a note that state that your employment benefits may be revised or revoked from time to time as the company see fit.

My existing employment contract with this company state that 1 month notice period for termination if found guilty of dishonesty. So this will be changed to immediate termination.

My questions are:
1) Who is going to judge you committed bribery? Ultimately will be the company judgement. What if the company use this to terminate employees without paying compensation?
2) Is it legal to do so in Malaysia. Employer suddenly ask to sign additional document of employment T&C?
3) What if I don't sign the additional document?
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10/07/2021 09:04:55
I would suggest that you discuss the issue with the Industrial Relations Department officer and get some official opinion.
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