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Jenas Tan
01/07/2021 00:16:00
Re: Can I serve my notice period within my bond period

Hi There,

Sorry, I have ask this question through email. You may ignore my email and answer here. Im sorry.

I am currently have a 3 years bond contract with my current employer which suppose to end on 17 Sept 2021. Whereby the termination is upon completion and have to serve 2 months notice period. May I ask if the notice period can be served during my bond period?

The official contract written is as below:
"Subsequence to completion of serving 3 complete years of your bonding period and thereafter, in the event of any termination, the notice of termination of employment to be given by either party shall be as follow:
2 months notice in writing or salary in lieu of notice"

Is there any else I can do to serve the notice period during my bond and move on immediately after my bond ends? I have got a better opportunity and I dont want to miss this. It is so harsh..

Please advise. Appreciate if you can help. Thank you in advance
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01/07/2021 09:00:53
That clause is a bit ambiguous to me. Anyway, your contract is supposed to end of 17 September 2021. Don't know whether the parties intend to renew or extend the contract. Otherwise your contract with the company ends on that date. Talk to your HR department to get a clearer position of the contract.
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