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11/06/2021 15:10:59
Re: Salary, Release letter and NOC.

I am an Indian expat woman working in Malaysia. My current employer refused to issue a release letter/NOC even after serving the notice period as per my contract which ended on May 31 st. They accepted my resignation also. My husband is working in Malaysia and my old company is saying to exit Malaysia and come up with a new EP without giving NOC.

In the present pandemic situation I cannot leave Malaysia as my family is here and availability of flights to travel is also limited. I requested many times to issue a NOC considering my situation, but still are refusing to give NOC and putting me in a situation just to leave the country. Even my new employer requested and negotiated with them to issue a release letter to get a new EP, but still they hesitate to release any of the required documents. Now I lost my new job and they are harassing me by holding last month's salary, tax documents, and experience letter along with NOC. Please suggest me how to handle this situation. Thank you.
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11/06/2021 17:02:09
I am not in the position to give you any useful comments. I think it would be better for you to consult the Immigration Department.
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