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03/06/2021 15:33:00
Re: Termination

One of the worker absence for 3 consecutive days without notifying superiors.

On the 4th day at 9.30 am he made a call to HR that he wanted to come to work but when HR asked why he did not come to work for 3 consecutive days without notifying superiors. He gave lots of reasons that could not be accepted by the management.

HR told him through the phone, that he against the company policy due to absence from work for 3 consecutive days without notifying superiors and can be terminated immediately. He said, never mind, it's okay.

For info, he already given warning letter and verbal reminder but kept repeating the same offence.

Management then give him termination letter and asked him to pay 1 month’s salary in lieu of notice.

Since Management terminated him, can ask him to pay 1 month’s salary in lieu of notice?

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03/06/2021 17:10:24
Yes, management can do that they choose to do so.Let management take action against if he failed to pay.
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confused 2
09/07/2021 17:02:57
My current employer suddenly ask all the employee to sign a sheet of paper that requires all employees to comply with a new anti bribery policy in the company. If found guilty will be immediate termination. Secondly there is a note that state that your employment benefits may be revised or revoked from time to time as the company see fit.

My existing employment contract with this company state that 1 month notice period for termination if found guilty of dishonesty. So this will be changed to immediate termination.

My questions are:
1) Who is going to judge you committed bribery? Ultimately will be the company judgement. What if the company use this to terminate employees without paying compensation?
2) Is it legal to do so in Malaysia. Employer suddenly ask to sign additional document of employment T&C?
3) What if I don't sign the additional document?
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