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05/05/2021 15:52:48
Re: Tax Clearance

Hi, I am a local and citizen of Malaysia. I tendered my resignation on 1/4/2021 by serving the required 2 months resignation notice. Last day of work will be on 31/5/2021. on 20/4/2021, my company served me the resignation acceptance letter and state that 21/4/2021 will be my last working day and I will be paid salary in lieu of notice till 31/5/2021. However, this will only be paid after they have obtained tax clearance from LHDN. I am puzzled as I am a local and citizen of Malaysia and also contributing monthly PCB deduction from my salary, why do I need to have tax clearance in order to be paid my last salary. I have tried to write in to the HR explaining this, but it was rejected by the HR department. Would appreciate sharing of some advise on this. Thanks.
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05/05/2021 16:24:17
I think you can personally go to the LHDN to sort out the tax matter. It could be faster that way.
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