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09/02/2021 23:58:14
Re: Overtime

My overtime claims from 15/2/2020 to 16/3/2020 was submitted to HR on 17/3/2020. However, when I following up with HR from Mar 2020 up to now, HR keep on telling me that they have lost my overtime claims form and recently they told me they couldn't pay me because my overtime claims form was submitted late. The facts is it was submitted by my colleague on the same day on 17/3/2020. Recently, the HR told me that due to my overtime claims form was submitted late, it required HOD, General Manager and CEO approval before payment can be made instead of before 18/3/2020 which require HOD approval only. HR has implement this new overtime policy by sending email without any acknowledgement from all employees.
They have paid my colleague overtime claims for that period but only mine is not paid.

1. Can HR backdated their overtime policy where the overtime work is done before they implement the new policy?

2. Can HR implement a new overtime policy without getting acknowledgement from employees?

3. My colleague was paid with money but they plan to offer me replacement hours.
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10/02/2021 19:46:59
Whatever their policy, it is almost a year for your overtime claim. You mean to say for almost a year, CEO still has not made the decision?

You don't have to accept replacement hours, if you don't agree.

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