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08/02/2021 22:40:59
Re: Do interns covered under labour law?

Interns are humans too, but this company mine treats like slave...racism, deduction of allowances without proper reasons, giving no public holiday for us, no double pay or anything when work on public holidays, force to work on sundays (full day) and also not paid for sunday..where should we bring this issue up...mental depression is what most of us get working with that company...any help would be very much appreciated...we are just student somebody need to help us..
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09/02/2021 09:15:29
Interns are not regarded as employees under the Employment Act. You should consult the Jabatan Tenaga Kerja (Labour Department) for official confirmation. If they have problems with the company, the interns should bring the matter up with their school or institute that sent them for internship.
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