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03/02/2021 16:46:28
Re: Working on rest day

Hi Sir/Madam,

I would like to ask if calculation are correct for below scenario:

Monthly paid worker, starts work on 4th Jan, works 6 days a week, work on 1 rest day for 10 hours.

Normal day pay: [salary/26 (fixed for every month)] x 23days (23 days from 31days of Jan- 1 PH - 4 Sundays)
Rest day pay: [salary/26 (fixed for every month)] x 2 x 1 day
Rest day OT: [salary/26 (fixed for every month)] x 2 x 2 hours

Is the above calculation correct? And is the 26days used here to divide the salary correct?

Thank you.
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04/02/2021 14:14:12
But under Section 60(i)(1a) of the Employment Act, the formula is to divide by 26.

"(1A) Where an employee is employed on a monthly rate of pay, the ordinary rate of pay shall be calculated according to the following formula:

monthly rate of pay

You can give a call to the Labour Department (Jabatan Tenaga Kerja) and get an official ruling about your queries. Discuss it with one of the officers there.
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