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10/12/2020 11:32:03
Re: Transfer

Due to the closure of Company A, the Management had to absorb all employees from A to B.
Due to no vacancy for Operation Supervisor at B, the Management has offered him a career as a Truck Driver which is no basic but based on trips allowance. The average monthly income is RM1500 - RM2500 and it depends on driver efforts and seriousness as a Driver. Driver income higher than his current basic only RM1545.

The worker refuse to transfer as Driver, but there is no position for him as Supervisor in company B.
FYI, Company B had a lot overhead emplooyees and can't affort the burden anymore due to Covid-19.

Since he don't want to sign the transfer letter, Management say take it or leave it but he don't want to submit his resignation letter.

How to handle this matter?

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KL Siew
10/12/2020 14:00:23
From production supervisor to truck driver, I think he has the right to refuse. Since you don't have suitable job for him, I think the company may have to retrench him by paying termination benefits by the Employment Termination and Layoff Benefits Regulations. Meanwhile you can contact the Labour Department and discuss with one of the officers there for some official advice.
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