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05/08/2020 10:56:55
Re: Subsidy allowance instead of paid Overtime

Dear Sir/ Madam,

I would like to know can company pay staff monthly subsidy allowance but the staff is not able to claim Overtime and get paid if working in Public Holiday.

Is it against to Malaysia Labor Law?
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KL Siew
05/08/2020 12:15:24
What is the occupation of the staff and what is his or her salary? Is the subsidy meant for covering overtime and working on public holidays?
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05/08/2020 14:57:03
Hi Siew,

Thanks for your prompt response. FYI, they are mechanic, which is under skilled & operations grade. And the subsidy is covering overtime and working on public holidays.
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KL Siew
05/08/2020 19:14:37
In that case, make sure the subsidy is sufficient to cover the actual overtime and work on public holidays. The workers can always bring the matter up with the Labour Department and they will look into the actual number of hours of overtime and public holiday work. Mechanics are covered by the Employment Act even though their salary may be over RM2000.
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13/08/2020 22:54:20
I have resigned and fullfilling all the exit formalities, still my employer is refusing to provide me NOC or Release Letter.
I am foriegner working here since 2018 with same employer and want to change employer within Malaysia.

What should i do to get release letter?
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KL Siew
15/08/2020 13:25:52
You can try to seek help with the Labour Department but if they are unable to help, you can think of consulting a lawyer and ask him to write a letter of demand to the company to demand the release of the letter.
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13/10/2020 22:08:27
Hi Mr Siew,

I accepted my relocation from Penang to KL by my company with the agreed on below transfer allowances:
1. Transportation of personal belonging
2. One time payment of RM1500 as Disturbance Allowance
3. Housing subsidy for six months

HR manager and i had signed on both Transfer Letter and Transfer Allowance Letter.

But i tendered my resignation letter on the 1st day of my reporting to the transfer, and now my HR revoked all the transfer allowances due to my resignation.

Isn't my employer have the right to revoked the Transfer Allowance since they had agreed on it. I still have to serving my 2 month notice at my transfer location.

Kindly advise. Thank you.
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KL Siew
19/11/2020 14:25:11
Hi Gan , I did reply your query through your gmail on 14 Oct.
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