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chwa siew ngoh
22/07/2020 15:41:54
Re: Stop employment

One of staff join in 15/02/2011 .
Current Salary RM1,320.00
Made an accident on 05/12/2018 till now
Would like to stop her employment effective 31/07/2020 ( end service year )
May I know total compensation need to pay to her?

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KL Siew
22/07/2020 17:42:17
What is present medical conditions, is he still in hospital or still on medical leave? Where did the accident happen, while working or not during working hours?
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Tan WH
28/07/2020 14:52:15
I would like to know whether company should pay for my h/phone bill since nowadays, business is using whatsapp to communicate. Currently, I didn't claimed the bill from company since I am not entitle to but company is using whatsapp to chat. Should I request company to pay for my h/phone bill ?
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KL Siew
28/07/2020 17:08:25
I think if paying h/phone bill is one the terms, I think the bill should be paid if there is still a bill. If there is no bill, then there is nothing to pay.
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26/08/2020 09:30:43
Hi, may i know how to post a new topic instead of post response in other topic?

Thanks for advice.
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23/09/2020 10:34:10
Hi. My company sold 55% of share to an investor, and keep for 45% shares only. They move into a new company name called join venture. They decide to continue employ us, but the years of services will be cited, decide to give us new contract to sign, no compensation for the service years regardless 10years or 15 years working, is this appropriate?

And also my salary above rm 2000, if i still protect under Employment(Termination and Layoff Benefits) Regulations ??
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