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27/06/2020 21:59:26
Re: Unpaid Leave

Dear Sir,

Due to the current pandemic, employees are required to go on an unpaid leave exercise to help the company reduce its payroll cost for 3 months so as to sustain and avoid retrenchment. The employees have provided their written consent.

I would like to know:
1. If an employee working on 5 days week (Off Day & RD is sat & Sun) applies for unpaid leave on Friday & Monday, can the company treat the OD & RD as unpaid leave too?

2. If the employee applies for unpaid leave from Wednesday to Friday, we should treat Sat & Sunday as paid leave right?

3. Can the company decide that an employee should at least work 3 days in a week in order for the Sat & Sunday to be treated as paid OD & RD?

We do not have a policy but would like to create one ASAP. As such, appreciate your guidance in this matter.

Thank you

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KL Siew
28/06/2020 11:05:53
Actually employees have no right to take unpaid leave as and when they like. If they want to apply for unpaid leave, it is up to the company to set the conditions for giving the approval. There is no law to say which day should be paid or unpaid. Let the employees know the conditions when they apply for unpaid leave. For example, if they apply for unpaid leave on Friday and Monday, let them know whether Saturday or Sundays will also be unpaid or not. Set a policy for granting unpaid leave and stick to the policy.
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28/06/2020 16:07:28
Thank you very much Mr Siew
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15/09/2020 17:29:08
My boss is using my name to accountants, for my income tax payroll in a month 3k. And I only got pay when I go to work RM100 a day. I was discuss with him 2k a month is fine for me. I just need a copy income tax receipts from accountant. My boss telling me, this is company income tax and is not personal income tax. How to have a copy for me. He always pay me is not on time.
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