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24/06/2020 13:13:12
Re: Pay Cut 50%, Fulltime to Contract Basic

during MCO, Company announce Pay on Apr and May Salary will only be issue 50%, another 50% will be issue by phase till Dec. others month will pay 100% like normal.
This week 22June we received announcement that our Salary on June will be cut by 50% and no issue back like Apr and May. And also re-offer all employee current fulltime to 6-months contract basic from July onwards, everyone will be working from home till Dec. no OT, EPF, SOCSO, Annual Leave. re-offer Salary will be deduct at least 35%-50% base on each individual. medical claim only RM100 and only claimable if it happen on the way to office only. and company want us to sign the new contract.
is the company right to do this?
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KL Siew
24/06/2020 17:12:45
The employer cannot do that if the employees did not agree to that arrangement. I think if you are the one affect, you can bring the matter up with Labour Department and let them look into the matter.
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22/09/2020 19:24:36
I am informed of a 50% paycut + revised higher commission and higher kpi package due to not meeting sales kpi. Is it right/fair to impose this on me, otherwise by not accepting I'd have to go on a 3-6 months 'evaluation' period or otherwise termination. The kpis and terms are not stated in my contract but it is clear in our email and sales meetings.

I'm about 50k short of target, esp with the bad economy due to covid.
What are some questions I should be asking my HR dept for clarity?

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