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09/10/2013 12:26:46
Re: Medical Leave

Dear Mr Siew

A staff have been on clinic hopping to obtain medical leave. First he went to the Company panel doctor to seek treatment but the doctor think that he do not require medical leave therefore did not issue any mc to him. Then the staff went to another clinic which is not his panel clinic and he managed to get mc from the doctor. Our Company rules stated that every employee can only seek treatment from the clinic that he/she selected and only on emergency cases, they can go to other clinic.

The question :- Can I not accept his mc from the non panel
and treat the mc as unpaid medical leave.

Thank you
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KL Siew
09/10/2013 15:37:37
Subsection (b) of the Section 60F of the EA is as follow:

"(b) if no such medical practitioner is appointed or, if having regard to the nature or circumstances of the illness, the services of the medical practitioner so appointed are not obtainable within a reasonable time or distance, by any other registered medical practitioner or by a medical officer; "

You may do what you have suggested unless he has reasons to do so as mentioned in that (b).
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