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09/10/2013 10:25:18
Re: Staff tendered resignation to avoid disciplinary Action

Dear Mr Siew

A staff tendered his resignation letter on the day when the Company want to serve him with a Notice of Domestic Inquiry. The staff want to avoid the disciplinary action and in his letter of resignation, he stated that he will serve one month notice. After deducting his outstanding leaves balance, he still need to serve 5 days but the Company do not want him to serve the five days and want him to leave on the day he tendered his resignation.

My HR Manager said that we do not need to pay him but my point of view that we should pay him because the Company want him to leave early

Please advise.

Thank you
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KL Siew
09/10/2013 10:46:44
Yes, I do agree with you. You can also get an official opinion from the Labour Office and brief your manager about it.
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