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Alicia Chew
18/03/2020 21:18:25
Re: Working Location During Notice Period 被迫辞职后的工作地点

I received an email from my company to immediately transfer to another office today. The new office is very very far from my current location. After my clarification with them, they asked me to go to the new office latest by this week. I work many years in this organization and it is not possible for me to go to the new office with my husband and kids in current location. However, they told me I have to serve notice in the new location even if I tender my resignation now. It is hard to find job in this time of global recession but it seems I have no other choice. Is there any law in Malaysia to allow me to at least serve notice in my current location?
Thank you very much

请问马来西亚有什么法律能保障我吗?至少能在现在的工作地点服务满notice period.
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18/03/2020 21:41:39
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