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02/10/2019 18:15:39
Re: Set-up laws

Hi, Mr Siew,

The Management decided to come out rules & action taken against the below issue:-

1. Employees like to not wear uniform, company badge, safety shoes or other PPE provided, verbally warning, warning letter given but still got a lot of reason and excuses from them.

2. Careless. inventory stock check, provided wrong qty to customer and get compound from customer. Account want to bear by store ppl but we did not mentioned in any rules that company can do that. Is it we can set up any rules that under this careless mistake and the cost shall bear by the PIC? Same to employees mix pack the part, customer complaints us.

3. We had issue show cause letter to those employees who likes late in , apply emergency leave .. answer reply always is i will improve but after a few month, the pattern come back. so we can issue warning letter. but if even warning letter given but the attitude is the same? what other action should i take on this?

4. is it all employees working attitude , if The Management not satisfy , we can do DI? or only for big issue?

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KL Siew
02/10/2019 19:26:41
Of course, management has the right to set up its own rules but try to make the rules clear and unambiguous. Rules that are inconsistent with written law will of couse be null and void.
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03/10/2019 16:40:52
currently I am practise issue show cause letter and warning letter only. if employees still did not change his working attitude, the next step that i can do is ...? I am blank on it.

want to set up rules but no idea on it.
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KL Siew
03/10/2019 19:59:48
I think it would most helpful to you if you can get your management to send you for some human resource courses. Contact MEF (Malaysian Employers Federation) see whether they have suitable courses for you to attend.
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