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28/09/2019 15:50:21
Re: DI and Termination

I was suspended for two weeks and sent to DI after stock loss and during the DI they accused me of misconduct by cancelling bill and took the money.

On my defence I said that no one ever brief me about the SOP on bill cancellation and no shortage ever occur when I bank in the total cash sales. So they penalised me on the very last bill cancellation and I acknowledged that with my defence statement.

Now after 2 weeks, they want to terminate me and refuse to pay my salary. On top of that they want to penalise me on every cancellation bill and not as per DI. Is it legal and can I fight as unjustified dismissal?

According to the offer letter, any unjustified stock loss or cash shortage will be fully borne by me at the discretion of the company and the company reserve the right to use any amount due to me to offset against the said outstanding amount. Meaning the company can simply penalised me on whatever amount even without solid evidence? Can I fight on this? As my repo is at stake.

Thank you Liew.

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KL Siew
28/09/2019 19:14:45
In your case, I think it is advisable to you to personally go to the Industrial Relations Department and discuss the matter with the officer see whether you can make claim for reinstatement due to the unfair dismissal by the company.
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