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Lee Hui Jing
04/09/2019 09:06:01
Re: Working hour and ot rate

Dear Sir / Madam
I have question want to ask. My contract show salary is Rm3300, and fixed ot rate RM500 and i already signed it. But now company ask me everyday ot 2hr and my working hour is 9hr and this ot already exceed labour law which is cannot work more than 10hr in one day. Like this can i reject the contract even than i already signed? Can i requestmy company to pay for 1.5times for ot rate?
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KL Siew
04/09/2019 15:42:44
Since your salary is moe than RM2000, you are not covered by the Employment Act. Anyway, if you think the payment of fixed OT rate of RM500 per month is not enough, what you can do may be talk to your employer and negotiate for more, to follow the Employment Act rate of 1.5. .
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