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08/07/2019 14:54:17
Re: No Annual Leave, No MC , No Public Holidays

I working as a tuisyen driver time salary RM5.50 per hour , working 9 hours
per day , deduct epf,& socso, based on RM1100.00 But my salary RM990.00 belown RM1100.00 , ASK? can my boss deduct my epf based on RM1100.00
new law basis salary RM1100.00 per mth.

This company didn't given driver annual leave , mc leave and public holiday.
If public holiday example 2 days hari raya off, but No salay paid,
Please advise , can i report to labour law office,


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KL Siew
08/07/2019 20:34:38
To me, based on 1100 is OK as he is basing on the minimum pay of RM1100.But since your salary of 990 is less than the minim of 1100, I think you should bring the matter up with Labour Department see whether the payment of 990 is enough or not.

Your employer must provide you with annual leave, sick leave and public holidays. I think you should bring the matter up with the Labour Department.
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