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05/07/2019 09:31:43
Re: Immediately resign without give notice and want claim back the annual leave

Hi, i now having a problem. My company always late to pay me salary. So I resign . I resign immediately without notice and letter. But i been working in here more than 10 yaers. I still have my leave about 36 days.
Can i ask i still can have back my leave?
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KL Siew
07/07/2019 17:05:20
If your salary is not more than RM2000, you can personally go to the Labour Department see whether you can make claim for it or not. Your case can be a bit doubtful.

If your salary is more than RM2000, then I think it is not worthwhile for you to pursue it.
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24/11/2019 13:30:24
This year I was hospitalize for 60 days
Then same year (2019) i have cleared my previous year carry forward which agree by my employee
At the same time I have also cleared my RL for PH day that i worked
In this case it resulted me to have my AL of 12 days which is not being cleared. so Im planning to clear those leave by next month, not all 12 days, but only 7 days and rest 5 days I able to carry forward next year (2020)

However now my employee refuse to approve my 7 days AL for next month I want that AL to be deemed means forfeited without any pay with reason I was on long leave for this year as examples I when for 60 days hospitalization leave + clearing my 2018 carry forward leave + my RL leave.

Can the employee do such decision, furthermore in my offer letter doesn't written such way.
In my offer letter written that I am entitle for 60 days hospitalization leave and 12 days AL for every year
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