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04/06/2019 10:29:26
Re: CCTV monitor staff

My boss keep viewing CCTV wirelessly thru his HP app to check staff working and whereabouts the staffs doing.

As to support this, he will call up the office tel or staff Hp to ask what are you all gathering talking about (even the time is before 8am office hour).

Besides that, he will constantly call staff to check them under the CCTV if he cant spot the staff around the workplace. (as they went to washroom or pantry).

Moreover, he will call staff to check them for where are they, to try are they lying if they said they are in office but staff had mentioned earlier they had to went to meeting or meeting customer.

What can We do.
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KL Siew
10/06/2019 09:26:56
Just carry on as usual and give him the usual answers. Lama-lama, he may get bored viewing the app to check on staff.
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