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31/05/2019 17:52:06
Re: 解雇

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KL Siew
01/06/2019 16:57:18
1. 没有法律规定要给几次,要看犯规的严重性。不严重的比如迟到可以给到3次。如果打人还要给警告吗?
2. 有关通知,参看 :

(2) The length of such notice shall be the same for both employer and employee and shall be determined by a provision made in writing for such notice in the terms of the contract of service, or, in the absence of such provision in writing, shall not be less than—

(a) four weeks’ notice if the employee has been so employed for less than two years on the date on which the notice is given;

(b) six weeks’ notice if he has been so employed for two years or more but less than five years on such date;

(c) eight weeks’ notice if he has been so employed for five years or more on such date:
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