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08/05/2019 16:06:00
Re: no offer letter

I am a sick and i need wash kidney,and the boss know too when i interview. and i recieved a call there wanna hire me as a 6 month contract staff with monthy salary rm4600. and i accept. we just talk at phone i cant have any proff.
I join the company at 1 of april 2019, and there is no any contrat or offer letter for me to sign.after 3 days working in there i ask the staff there been said there also no sign any thing but her salary base on daily calculation. and she can't accept and resign and the company agree for her let her go when she get a new job. and i also work until 23 april but no any offer letter or contract for me to sign to, and i ask my boss and manager. but no reply from my boss. but manager said discuss tomorrow in office.
I resign with him on 24 of april 2019. and at 30 /04/2019 i ask my excollague for my salary who i work for 2 week there.there said normally not paid that i wait it for until 7 of next 6/05/2019 my ex-collegue mgs me ask me go there collect chq.but when 7/5/2019 she ask me no need to come over d.the bos said dun want paid i mgs the boss to ask why. he said i resign with no 2 week notice so deduct back out will be zero. i will like to ask if i dun have the offer letter or contract do i need to save them two week of notice? how bout if he said his company if 1 month notice did i need to paid him?
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KL Siew
09/05/2019 17:32:42
You may have a problem about your pay as things seem not properly communicated. Go to the Labour Department and discuss the issue with the officer there and see whether he can give you some help.
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02/06/2019 14:01:44
I just want to ask if a company require their staff to work more than 48 hours in a week, can the employee report to labour office and what are the employee right. The shop operating hour is Tuesday to Friday 10.15 to 7.45 with a 20minutes lunch per day and weekends from 10.15 to 5.45 with a 20 minutes lunch. That means after minus the daily lunch of 20 minutes, the employee is working for 51 hours per week.
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