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27/04/2019 09:52:05
Re: 如果员工CLAIM PERKESO了的话,公司还需要给薪水吗?

我公司是家私厂,不久前有员工工作时受伤,拿了10天MC,但是员工第3天就来工作了,他问我,在他没工作的期间有薪水拿吗?因为我是新手,所以不太了解,我就问老板,老板说没有,叫员工直接去CLAIM PERKESO,请问老板这样的做法正确吗?
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KL Siew
28/04/2019 10:20:15
员工工作时间受伤公司必须负责报告SOCSO. 你去问公司报告了没有。
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Deborah saw
21/12/2020 14:27:07
Q1. An employee of my friendís company had an accident while going to work. The doctor gave him a 10-day MC, but he was only hospitalized for 2 days, and 8 days were spent at home. Will these 10 days count as under hospital-life MC? Or is only 2 days under as hospital-life MC, and the other 8 days under as Normal Mc?

Q2. He still needs to go to a follow-up visit. If the doctor says he needs more rest, and then give him an extra 3week~1month of MC, is this MC considered Hospital-life MC or Normal Mc?

Q3. This employee has claim socso insurance. Socso insurance has already paid him. Does the company still need to pay him a salary in this 3week~1month period?

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