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16/04/2019 23:41:25
Re: temporarily closed shop and unpaid leave

Hello. I am an employer. Last month my shop was temporarily closed for 1 week (which I had notify my employee a month ago about such closure) and I gave unpaid leave for my employee.

In the end of the month, I only pay 3 week salary for my employee since he was not working during the closure week. Now my employee filed a complain with the Labor Department.

Am I wrong in this case? Will I be sued? If I ran into the same situation next time, should I just deduct the non-working week from the employee's annual leave?

Please advise. Thank you
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KL Siew
17/04/2019 12:19:40
You close your shop and it is not their fault. Such deduction from salary without their written consent can be unlawful. If the Labour Office asks to pay back their salary, you pay them back and don't do it next time.
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