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16/04/2019 10:10:12
Re: Staff absence and resign without notice

Hi, i have a confirm staff, this month work for 1 day, MC 1 day and on leave for 1 day, than the following week absence for 3 days without inform his dept head, and the 4th day he pass all his uniform and access card to another staff said he want to resign. He did not provide proof for the 1 day MC.
Base on our employment letter, confirm staff have to give 1 month notice or pay salary in lieu of notice.

Now company wants to send him a letter to ask for notice in lieu.

Need your advice, Is the below calculation correct?
a) 1/30 x Basic (work for 1 day)
b) 1/26 x Basic (AL 1 day)

Basic deduct a & b = amount notice in lieu

Thanks in advance
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KL Siew
16/04/2019 15:17:07
Just ask him to pay one month salary as indemnity in lieu. If he fails to pay, you can personally go to the Labour Department and lodge a claim against him.
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17/04/2019 14:53:00
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