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See Theng
11/02/2019 10:37:57
Re: OT

Hi, I would like to ask yr opinion,about two of my staff :
1) he basic salary plus fixed allowance more than RM3500 or
2) he basic salary more than RM3000,
shall both of them claim ot,about ot any rules to fixed staff cant claim ot?
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KL Siew
11/02/2019 15:43:48
There is no law to say staff with salary more than 2K cannot claim OT. Although this category of staff may not be covered by the Employment Act, but if they are required to work overtime they should be paid extra for such work. You just can't ask them to work OT for free. In some companies, for those with salary more than 2k, they will paid overtime based on a ceiling of RM2000 even though their salary is more than that.
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See Theng
11/02/2019 16:33:43
Appreciate so much for your sharing,will discuss with my officer again.
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