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29/01/2019 10:05:59
Re: Medical leave

An employee have worked for the employer for 6 months long. He have worked 10 days in Jan19 and thereafter informed the Company he is on MC which certified by doctor as he was in diabetes. In this case, the company should paid him full month salary (Jan19)?

How about if he submit the MC after he is fully utilise 14 days of medical leave? Employee still can apply for MC? or consider as unpaid leave?
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KL Siew
29/01/2019 11:57:43
1. The company has to pay his sick leave with pay for the number of days which he has valid MC;
2. When he has taken all available sick leave, the excess sick leave with be no pay leave.
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MM Loh
19/08/2020 11:32:08
When the MC excess the no pay leave deduct will counted the off day , restday and Public hoilday?
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