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Syafiq Jalil
28/11/2018 00:55:24
Re: Change workplace without proper notice

I have been change workplace and it just been inform by my managment by whatapps only ..i go new workplace
Its tht legal by law ?
I just got soft copy pdf they said i been change work place
and i go new place without any benefit n inccetive
My old workplace is near with my home new one far from home
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KL Siew
28/11/2018 09:23:50
Is there a clause in your appointment letter/contract of service to say that you can be transferred?
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Syafiq Jalil
29/11/2018 23:13:34
No they dont say it on my appoitment letter..
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KL Siew
30/11/2018 16:35:25
I think you should bring the matter with your management if you are unhappy about the transfer see whether they will consider to give some incentive for you to go there. You should know your situation better. You may have to consider the possible consequences if you refuse to go for the transfer. Better discuss with them first before acting.

By the way, how far is the new place from your present station and why you are required to be transferred there?
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