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26/10/2018 15:57:43
Re: Female Staff working in Night Shift


I would like to inquire about female working for night shift, are they permit to in night shift as i have a female candidate who interested in working as permanent staff in night shift instead of morning due to she had transport during night. As based on the clauses of section 34, women are not permitted to work night shift in certain industry (agricultural or industrial)

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KL Siew
27/10/2018 16:44:50
So, what is her post, her salary and in what industry is she employed under? Do note that:
1. The Employment Act will not covers non manual workers with salary not more than RM2000;
2. The agriculture or industrial undertaking must not be within any town council or city council limit.

Whatever it is, the employer should ensure the safety of the female worker working late at night irrespective the type of industry she is employed in. It really does not matter whether she is covered by the EA or not.
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