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07/09/2018 11:44:21
Re: Cancellation of contract

Hi Sir/Madam,

My problem is that I was hired as Sous Chef with 1 year of contract effective from 16 July 2018. Verbally agreed that will hiring kitchen assistant for helping in my daily works but until today they didn't do anything about it even keep reminding.

Furthermore, until today I was not given a copy of the said contract. When asking for it, the employer keep dragging, I have forgotten all terms n fine for breach contract. By end of August, I inform them I'm going to resign since couldn't cope the works alone and always working late without OT entitlement.
My employer said going to sue me for breach of contract. We have discussions come to the term that, staying on for 3 months so they got time for finding replacement and the contract will be cancelled and I was agreed to it.

My consent is now they want me to sign another 3 months contract to overcome 1 year contract?? The terms in 3 months contract, I found a bit not equal rights for me and was holding it back. Instead of signing new contract, can I just give a 3 month resignation letter? Will I still get sue by them?

Your fast response will really appreciated.

Thank you.
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KL Siew
24/09/2018 15:43:42
Make up you mind what you want to do with them. Discuss with them and get something agreeable to both parties. Try to settle the matter amicably.
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