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04/09/2018 09:25:03
Re: disciplinary issue and sack without compensation

I have a worker with disciplinary issue, we found out this behaviour starting from July2018.
He has joined us in March2018, but had taken more than 10days leaves

1. return late (about 1 hour) to work after lunch time
2. always absent without informing the management, even refused to answer calls from management
3. took company's motorcycle for 1 week for own perusal
4. worked for 11days only in month of August2018
5.. on 3/9/2018 again, rode company's motorcycle went out for lunch at 12noon and never came back until night time 7.45pm. We have tried to contact him but he refused to answer the calls.

Countless verbal warnings were given but there was no improvement, in fact getting worse. I have issued a last warning letter to him.
But now we have decided to sack him.
Thanks in advance
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KL Siew
04/09/2018 17:29:28
If you think he has committed misconduct and have good evidence against him, you should first conduct a domestic inquiry first before deciding what type of penalty to be given to him. You should refer to Section 14 of the Employment Act for guidance.
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