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16/08/2013 23:37:10
Re: office letter to announce resignation staff

Hi there. I hv any concern req sone advices. I hv resigned from my current company and my new employer will buy me over and pay back my current company on tbe 2th notices. But I dont leave immediate, I do serve 3weeks
period to do all hand over works.
Management decided to issue an official letter to
business partners on my resignation. I hv an concern on
this. As why require an official letter to send out and announce on my resignation? Letter is seems im been
fired or... in fact im resigning. This kind of letter will
affected my reputation and affected my future. I teally need an advice on this matter. Hope to hear from you soon. Thx
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KL Siew
17/08/2013 08:56:17
I have come across this type of announcement. They even made announcement in newspapers stating among other things that the person concerned is no longer authorised to collect payments from clients and so on. If you think your reputation is affected, consult a lawyer see anything can be done about it.
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