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22/06/2018 21:15:46
Re: working hours

i) Salary over RM 2000
ii) Working shift rotation
iii) Normal working working 7 hours (excluded break). Working hours will be 11 hours if extend. Often extend.
iv) No overtime but giving meal allowance for each 3 hours extend.

i) when there is festival or ad-hock project, average weekly working hours for 3 week period is > 48 hours

ii) No OT paid. Meal allowance is even below normal rate/ working hour

Do the employer breach law and regulation?
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KL Siew
23/06/2018 12:41:13
Since your salary is more than RM2000, you may not be covered by the Employment Act. Despite that, when you are required to work overtime, they should pay OT wages. You are not going to work for free. Don't hesitate to discuss your problems with the boss. Meal allowance is a separate benefits.
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