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01/06/2018 15:57:07
Re: Annual Leave Carry Forward

if i already reached maximum of 21 days annual leave , am i still entitle for 7 days carry forward ?
Based on my HR calculation , my current 2018 annual leave 21 days + 2017 carry forward 7 days, this year i only entitled 21 days.she explain annual leave maximum 21 days only, any more than 21 days will be forfeited. is this true?

My employment contact as below:


Entitlement to paid leave shall be in accordance with statutory requirement in Malaysia and the Company policies. Before you take leave , agreement must be reached with your supervisor and then be formally approved. your leave entitlements are as follows:

a.Annual - 15 days with an additional day for each calendar year of services, up to a maximum of 21 days
b.Medical -14 days
c.Hospitalization - 60 days

A maximum of 7 days unused annual leave can be carried forward to the subsequent year.Any leave in excess of 7 days shall lapse and not be carried forward.
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KL Siew
05/06/2018 17:24:11
It should odd to me for HR to do that. Why not you bring the matter up with the Labour Department?
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