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15/04/2018 23:25:11
Re: Resignation

I have tendered my resignation letter on 12 April with 2 weeks notice as stated in LO for probation. According to my manager, I was supposed to serve 2 months’ notice period instead of 2 weeks’ notice period as I have been confirmed on 21 March. However, I do not receive any confirmation letter on 21 March. When I tendered my resignation letter, my manager gave me a confirmation letter backdated to 21 March (3 weeks ago). The confirmation letter signed by the Director but not both party (Director & Employee). I reject the confirmation letter that I have received on the day I tendered my resignation letter through email and verbally.

Should I serve 2 weeks or 2 month resignation notice period?
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KL Siew
16/04/2018 18:33:46
Since you already have give your resignation notice, you may as well just stick to it and leave after 2 weeks.
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26/10/2018 00:51:16
Hi, can I giving one week notice instead of one mth notice during probation?
Cause I just worked 18days only, found that not suitable for me...and boss don’t pay EPF for not confirm staff.
Please advise...
Thank you
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