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13/04/2018 10:30:11
Re: Does Labour Law protect freelancer's interest as well?

Usually i work some freelance job as part time, normally did not sign any contract. Yesterday was my first day of work but i've decided not to continue because the job scope was totally different and unacceptable for me as it is not what the agent told us to do during briefing. Can i still argue with the salary for yesterday? I've search about Labour Law but it only stated that only freelance job with contract that can be argue but nowadays most of us did not sign any contract as the job is only few days. Hope to get an answer soon. Thank you
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KL Siew
16/04/2018 18:25:15
As a free lancer you are supposed to be good in certain areas, if you find the job is different from your area of expertise, why not just tell them you cannot do and say good bye.
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