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Keith L.
25/03/2018 02:38:47
Re: Switch from verbal employment into contract emplyment

I am operating a mini market and I have 4 workers. When I employed them as shopkeepers a few year back, there was no employment contract signed between my employees and I. Since I didnt sign contact with them, as long as my employees dont resign, I cant fire those employees with low productivity when they dont commit any unforgivable mistake. (Please correct me if I get any concept wrong)

Now, I wish to improve my management by making employment contract with my existing employees. Is it lawful to offer them with a lower wages in the contract, like treating them as new employee? Must the salary offered in the contract be on a par with the current salary?What I mean is let's say I currently have an employee whose wage is RM 1100 (after 1 time salary increment) but now I want to sign contract with the same employee and offer him with RM1000 (this is what he got when he first came) , will this be lawful?

Thank you in advance for any comment and guidance.
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KL Siew
25/03/2018 17:57:07
You cannot do that. If you want to give them new written contracts, the terms and conditions including the date they started work for you, should at least be the same if not better.
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Keith L.
25/03/2018 23:12:26
Thank you for your advise.
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