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22/10/2010 14:06:31
Re: Maternity Protection

To KL Siew :

Q1 : I got one female staff salary is RM2500 but she still under probation peiod (3 moths) (she start working on 01.10.2010) if she gave birth on 30.12.2010 then she would be entitled to maternity leave or maternity allowance??

Q2 : If pregnant staff salary more than RM1500 but still under probation period and if her perfomance is not satisfied . Is it employer got right to termination her services??
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KL Siew
22/10/2010 17:32:44
Q1. This staff is not covered by Employment Act and as such, maternity benefit if any is based on the agreement/contract of service between the parties.

Q2. You will surely lose your case if you ever terminate the service of that staff on those grounds.
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