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22/10/2010 12:04:17
Re: Rate for PH

Dear KL Siew

How to calculate salary if the workers worked during Public Holiday?

Is it RM800/31days (calender month)=RM25.81 x 2 =RM51.62.
2 days' wages at ordinary rate pay apply for all public holiday including gazzete & 4 compulsary holiday.

How about OT x 3?
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KL Siew
22/10/2010 17:26:31
Work on any of the 10 PHs (normal hours): (salary/26) x 2

For OT on PH (after normal hours): (salary/26x8) x 3 x OT hours.
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26/10/2010 15:49:21
31 days,, for annual leave
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