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20/10/2010 17:58:30
Re: Paid for PH

My Qs: Is it legal for the company pay 1:1 for working at PH?

As I know, 2 days' wages at ordinary rate of pay for employee holiday pay.

Otherwise, at least 3 times hourly rate of pay if works for more than normal number of hours of work.

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KL Siew
20/10/2010 20:07:51
If you are covered by the Employment Act, what your company was doing might not be correct.
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21/10/2010 12:02:43
Your company is right. Just that you didnot give more info.

Only four PH are pay 2X.
Labor Day
Yang Dipertuan Agong Birthday
State Ruler Birthday
National Day

Other is pay 1x only.

Coz you already got basis pay so plus the one so is 2x for normal ph and 3x for 4 days stated above PH.
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