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19/10/2010 18:01:11
Re: No pay leave

Good afternoon Siew

I just want to reconfirm the following. For permanent staff who is on monthly paid, calculation for the above will be based on 26 days or no. of the days in the month?

Thank You
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KL Siew
19/10/2010 21:36:27
no. of the days in the month
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21/10/2010 09:15:15

Of course no.of the days in the month. If you based on 26 days, the total is surely different.

If the employer salary is RM300 per month. Let say on April, he took 1 day unpaid leave. That's means the working days is 29 days.

If you based calculation of 26days, it will be like this:-
RM300 26 x 29 working days = RM334.61 salary for that month

If you based on the no.of the days in the month, you'll get:-
RM 300 30 x 29working days = RM290.00 salary for that month.

If your company choose the 1st calculation, I rather working there and take unpaid leave every month.

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22/10/2010 10:38:10
Dear Siew

Thanks, I just want a confirmation because people tell me different version.

Dear Busybody

Thanks for helping out, yes I know there is a difference but do you know what is No Pay Leave? You rather to work in a company that uses 26 days, meaning deduction is more and your take home pay is less????
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