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18/10/2010 16:49:12
Re: Maternity Leave, Annual Leave & Unpaid leave

My maternity leave is until 26th September 2010 and I have extended my leave untill 26th November 2010 with the superior's approval.

My balance of Annual Leave is 7.5 days.

My company salary computation = basic salary /calender day ( 5 days work) my basic =RM1,200.00

For September = RM1,200.00 ( 4 days AL utilised)
For October = RM 1,200/31 x 5.5 days = RM212.90 (3.5 days AL utilised)
For November = RM1,200/31 x 4 days = RM154.84 ( as i take unpaid leave till 26th Nov.

The above computation correct ?
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KL Siew
18/10/2010 17:13:59
In other words, you are taking no pay leave from 27 Sept to 26 Nov but you still have 7.5 days annual which you want to use it during the period, is it correct?
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18/10/2010 17:19:34

Is it the way of computation correct?

I have taken unpaid leave till 26th Nov and start working on 29th Nov.

therefore, should company pay me for 27/11 & 28/11, which are Saturday and Sunday?
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KL Siew
18/10/2010 17:26:06
If there is such a confusion, why can't you keep your leave and take it after 26 Nov or some other time?
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18/10/2010 17:45:06
My compnay request us to clear the annual leave by end of the year.

And my colleague who currnetly helping me to handling my work tasks is going to clear her AL during December.

As we have communicated earlier on, we take turn for leave clearing.

Just wanna clarify is the calculation corret ?

Thanks a lot for your concern.

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KL Siew
18/10/2010 18:06:00
Then shorten your no pay leave in Nov in such a way that you still have 7.5 WORKING DAYS\ time to clear your leave in Nov. That's what I would do.
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19/10/2010 07:59:19
thanks. will discuss with my superior and my colleague.
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