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18/10/2010 10:17:07
Re: confused

I would like to ask regarding this matter:

1. I'm still under probation and had sent resignation letter (21st September) and withrawed ( 22nd September) it after I had consultation with my superior and asked her for a week unpaid leave ( 27th til 3rd October) and she agreed. At that time it only four more days to get my salary but they hold.they give me a letter saying that withing the unpaid period everything will be freeze but did not mention about salary n I signed the letter. On the same day I asked the HR regarding my salary whether it will be freeze too, n they said yes and asked me, why, you are not coming back is it? And I reply ofcoz I will come back. They said my salary will be given by check once I come back. After a week, I didn't show up n didn't give any notice.

2. After two weeks, they give me a letter saying that I didn't report to the company n consider as self terminate if i did not respond to the the letter within 7 days.They asked me to pay one month salary because in the contract mention either one month notice or pay in lieu.

My questions are: a - they hold my salary and because I didn't show up, I didn't get it yet. ( They hold my salary for august which im supposed to get on 29th September)
b - do I have to pay for one month, since they can deduct all my unpaid through the salary that they hold. And before I left, all the task given are up to date.

Kindly reply me. I'm currently not working and if they ask to pay, I'm not able to do so.

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KL Siew
18/10/2010 13:42:22
I am also confused. I would suggest you make a complaint to the Labour Office and let them look into the matter.
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