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12/10/2010 19:38:19
Re: how to count salary on next year "HARI RAYA + NATIONAL DAY"?

hi,i'm confuse for our next year 2011 "HARI RAYA "is same with our malaysia "national day",so...the salary is must count triplee or times 4 ?

Cause i need to do schelude planning for next year , so... waiting your reply,thanks .....
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KL Siew
12/10/2010 22:08:45
According to the proviso in Section 60D of the Employment Act as quoted below, another day to be given as replacement if holiday were to fall on a rest day. Although, the proviso does not mention about holiday falling on a holiday, I think the same principle should apply. I think you can follow that to put up the leave schedule for next year.

"Provided that if any of the public holidays referred to in paragraphs (a) and (b) falls on a rest day the working day following immediately the rest day shall be a paid holiday in substitution of that public holiday.; "
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