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12/10/2010 16:35:40
Re: Working Hours

Good Day,

I work as a office assistant. I work from 9am-4pm. I get 1300 per month but since 2 months ago I was force to work from 8am-10pm since new boss come in early and goes back late. I work from monday till sunday. Sunday I am allowed to come at 12.00pm after church. I ask pay rise but was told since I got no schooling I already paid too much. Is it true?
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KL Siew
12/10/2010 21:49:14
It is not true. You can complain to the Labour Office if you want or look for another job if possible.
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jijar oj
18/10/2010 00:27:09
helo helo if you are force to work more than 1 hours of your normal working hour you need to be paid no one work free. you manage need to work more hour because he is paid for it he can't force you to work extra hours but no OT given; which law is he or she following. If he/she does not pay need to replace with off days.
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