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S. Lim
11/10/2010 16:26:53
Re: Medical claims

Hi, Can you please let me know if a staff is entitled to claim for wad expenses or just medicine and consultation expenses.Thanks.
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KL Siew
11/10/2010 16:54:11
If the company has a clear policy on medical benefits, you follow that policy. If there is no such policy, Section 60F of the EA quoted below can be used as a guide. It says "..examination at the expense of the employer...". By, that I think "consultation expenses" mentioned by you could be the one the staff may be entitled to if the company doesn't have a panel doctor.

60F(1) An employee shall, after examination at the expense of the employer:

(a) by a registered medical practitioner duly appointed by the employer; or

(b) if no such medical practitioner is appointed or, if having regard to the nature or circumstances of the illness, the services of the medical practitioner so appointed are not obtainable within a reasonable time or distance, by any other registered medical practitioner or by a medical officer;

be entitled to paid sick leave.
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